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Past, present, future is one which consistently bother individuals. With the start of Islam, a period was needed not set in stone for supplications by the Muslim and this alongside the assistance of strict persuasive energy to concentrate on space science. As stargazing is investigation of great bodies and their impact on the earthbound issues …

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Wazifa for good husband

Wazifa is an Islamic ritual which means praying to Allah. Wazifa for love and attraction increases your chances of bringing mutual feelings between two people. Through this, the chances of him/her not loving you back are very low. Dua for love and attraction works the best in such cases. Here are some websites that can …

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Intercaste marriage

There are several duas for intercaste marriage. One such dua is “Ya Lateefu” which can be recited 129 times after every Salah1. Another dua is “Ya Wadoodo” which can be recited 1000 times after every Salah1. You can also recite “Ya Allah” 100 times after every Salah1. It is important to note that duas are not a substitute …

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love back

If the performance of your child has been decreasing day by day in Studies because of any reason, then our Study Problem Solution by Astrology can solve your Problem with the help of his deep knowledge in Astrology. When Students Can’t Concentrate on Studies due to lack of concentration, Our Astrologer Provide them Powerful astrology …

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